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Know CXO Bespokes

Have a look at some of our events and service to give you a true essence of how every detail is always meticulously throughout by the CXOBespokes team.

Whether your business needs and objectives is to create Brand Awareness, Educating Audiences, Building Credibility/Trust, Customer Engagement, Lead Generation, Product Promotion, Brand Storytelling campaigns we have the right platforms and bespoke solutions for you along with the experienced team and expertise to deliver.


CXOBespoke Dinner

CXO Bespokes Dinner will provide you with a tried and tested business platform that guarantees success based on your desired business goals and objectives. You can trust on our expertise and knowledge in managing successful dinner propositions from start to finish.

We provide you with the best platform to showcase your organisation products and/or services to a niche desired audience in a most effective and open platform for discussions with your prospects.

We contractually guarantee live attendees as per client wish list of desired prospects. We can provide an independent industry speaker for viewpoint and contribution. You will be seen as a ‘Thought leader’ expert.

CXO Bespokes provides you with the opportunity to have exclusive sponsorship of an event which not only means an audience with senior decision makers but also an exclusive venue and expert speakers. You choose the location; subject and we invite your potential clients. We can organise an event for you anywhere worldwide.

Breakfast - Briefing

CXOBespoke have created a various breakfast Briefings a series of face-to-face events to widen clients service. Bringing decision makers and niche community together...main motto of the event is to promote and further associate and create an opportunity to explore mutually the modern and best business minds

Bespoke Lunch

Business lunches for corporate networking, hammering out business details in a social setting and meeting prospective clients. When these meetings are held over lunch, team members can bond outside of the work environment and meet new prospective clients. our lunch meetings will help with a prospect of client is to either land new accounts or develop long-lasting relationships. Our activities are the bread and butter of relationship selling, so ensuring that they go well helps your company maintain continued growth.

Cxobespokes can also organise Corporate Lunch, Meetings, Office Celebrations, Hi-Tea, Or Cocktail Parties, we serve happiness in our bespoke menu.

Half/Full Day Event

Our CXOBespoke corporate event team will work with you to create dynamic business event solutions. We help cater half/full day events everything you need from meetings, conferences, trade shows, seminars, retreats, catering services, production and creative event design, to build your finest business function. We are of one of the best corporate event companies in the market, and see your bespoke corporate event come to life

Lead Generation Campaigns

CXOBespokes targets and Design your lead capturing think about the bigger picture and agree on the goals for the trade show. It can be lead generation event, thought leadership event, brand awareness event or partner/distributor event. Our service will assist you capturing leads. The content will be a combination of understanding your marketing objectives and sales targets.

Making sure the right person speaks to the right visitor. to Keep energy levels high, we arrange everyone has regular breaks and show these in the rota. We do this in the most well-organized way possible to make sure a smooth process of plan to event takes place. We have wide range of packages for our clients to choose, we can customise these to match your needs

Launch Event

Cxobespokes as launch event organiser require a great deal of planning and lead time. We ensure that the many key components are ready to go before the big day. This includes marketing campaigns, sales collateral, trained sales and support reps, and of course a fully tested product.

When you and your team can plan and execute a successful product launch, you’ll greatly increase the chances of your product resonating with users and generating momentum on its way to market success.


We organize workshop solutions for your businesses with the objective of improving performance, impacting results, and enhancing revenues. The best part is that we customize the duration and content based on the needs of the organization. There's no doubt that planning a great workshop is a lot of work. But if you spend time thinking through the details, everyone will get full value from the event.

Sales Consultancy

CXOBespokes are relationship builders and value and help their customers win. We support clients in finding potential customers for their company's products/services. As a Sales Consultant we help and encourage customer to select products for customers based on their individual needs. Find potential customers through networking, cold calling and industry research to increase sales. Use data to help customers understand how products can help them achieve their goals. Complete administrative tasks, such as processing and recording sales, as needed

Thought Leadership Events

CXOBESPOKES thought leader event for a company that is exceptionally experienced and successful within its given marketplace. We as a company who know an industry better, as showcased by a brand’s content marketing to spread the word.

Through our association with billionaire investors, financial experts, and more, that covers nearly every aspect of financial wellness. they already know that there are plenty of opportunities to provide great information to people that could eventually become customers in the future.